​​​​​​​A holy & sacred forcefield of women re-membered, deeply nourished & expressing their full #SOULSPARKLE


In an increasingly bitter & divisive world, we need a place to remember divine love, holy reverence and soul restoration.  The medicine of bees & honeycomb reminds us of the sweetness of working TOGETHER with our sisters, to dream and co-create a more just and beautiful world into being.
​​​​​​​ Come to the hive and sing the song of love with us!

Deep SOUL NOURISHMENT & Divine Nectar
for your mind, body, heart & SOUL

SISTERHIVE® is a Superorganism like the BEEHIVE, a deep circle of belonging, a sacred womb space, a hallowed chamber where we can drink sweet honey nectar to superpower our unique #SOULSPARKLE & sacred work in the world.

SISTERHIVE® exists as a monthly membership community filled with spiritual teachings, sacred practices & fierce support to help you come back home to your body, the earth, the ancient sisterhood lineage and the Web of All Life.

SISTERHIVE® is a safe & sacred space to slow down and spiral within so that you can listen deeply to your intuition, commune with your soul voice, root into your body’s wisdom, and connect to Source Creativity.

SISTERHIVE® is a holy sanctuary existing outside of the current patriarchal paradigms that is restoring the red thread between our hearts.

SISTERHIVE® is a learning & practice community where embodied spirituality, intimate communion, and the new feminine paradigm of shared leadership are the new norm so we can bring our love into action in the world from a deeply resourced place.

Overall SISTERHIVE® is an ephemeral gathering ground for our genius and innate divinity to emerge. Come be seen, truly held, deeply loved and cherished for the truth of who you are and the radiant medicine you bring. 

Are you ready for a soul oasis, sister? Where you can return, remember, reconnect, replenish, rejuvenate & be deeply nourished, so that you may nourish the soul of the world?

Have questions? Join us for a LIVE Q&A and "Expanding Our Life Force" Ceremony on February 1st at 2pm EST. Sign up HERE or Join our SISTERHIVE® today for $38/month.

What's included each month:
Virtual New Moon Ceremony & LIVE Transmission on ZOOM We gather LIVE each month in ceremony in the HIVE, offering you embodied spirituality, sacred sisterhood, invaluable accountability & the Divine nectar you need to thrive. Come slow down, enter into stillness and spiral within to your innermost terrain and deepest truths.  Here we take off the masks and are deeply fed through expressive arts, embodied movement practices, deep ritual, ancient women’s wisdom, and more.
Inspiring interview & masterclass with a guest expert Featuring Sovereign Sisters who are in their power, owning their sacredness, and bringing their deep gifts to meet the world’s deep needs (and who are unstoppable because of it). We’ll be talking about how they stay deeply nourished and connected, about their unique medicine and sacred work in the world, and more. See some of our guest experts below!
Themed Qoya movement class video 

Qoya is an energizing, fun structured movement class based on the idea that through movement we remember who we are, connect to our deepest truths and intuition, calm the stress response in our nervous systems and enhance our ability to hear our inner soul voice & heart teacher.  Each video will be organized around the SISTERHIVE® monthly theme.

Downloadable PDF with our monthly theme, curriculum & nourishment practices We tap into diverse spiritual practices, teachings and tools each month for sustenance that include ancient Earth medicine & communion rituals, ceremony, modern shamanism, meditations and visualizations, astrological wisdom, animal medicine, the wheel of the year, sounding, energy work, crystals, depth inquiry, archetypal Goddess energies, mining the unseen realms for hidden treasures and more. Read more about the benefits of this below.
Access to the private SISTERHIVE®  Sacred Sanctuary online Our virtual inner Facebook sanctum, where we come together to support each other in collaborative leadership to heal, grow, learn, transform, alchemize, regenerate, & empower one another to RISE & SHINE. You choose what level of engagement feels most resonant to you, sister.
Premium access to all LIVE sisterhood retreats & Bonus surprises There will be lots of surprises along the journey to help keep our light and vibration high in an increasingly dark & chaotic world. Delight in in-person gatherings, group spiritual direction sessions with Lainie Love, altar cards with handmade shamanic healing art, archived talks, expressive art prompts, original chants,  detoxing tips, catalyzing Spotify playlists and more!
When you feed yourself that which truly nourishes you, wisely and generously, you shall become one who can also feed the world that for which it truly hungers.”
​​​​​​​~ Alana Fairchild
Monthly Guest Experts
Why we gather in the HIVE

We are living in an age of separation from self, sisterhood and the earth.  There is an epidemic of deep soul loss & malnourishment. Today, individuals are disconnected from their bodies and their essence, suppressed from reaching their full (r)evolutionary potential by patriarchal structures such as the dieting industry, fashion magazine culture, and the media—keeping them weak and stuck in a feedback loop of “I’m not good enough, attractive enough, thin enough, strong enough, powerful enough to do, x, y, z (insert here: start that business, find true love, write my book, follow my dreams...).”

I know because I was one of those disconnected & deeply malnourished souls.

These harmful narratives are inextricably embedded in our culture, teaching us to hate and doubt ourselves instead of encouraging us to know that we are precious Divine Beings possessing unique medicine & the innate #SOULSPARKLE that’s needed now.

Because of this, the world is crying out for a great homecoming -- a HOLY homecoming back to the land, our bodies, our sovereignty and the he(art) of what matters most. It’s time we re-member who we truly are and why we’re here, Beloved, so we can end the cycles of abuse on ourselves, our children, and future generations to come.

We have a radical responsibility to wholeness now.

We need a Sacred (R)evolution® of love and reverence for self, other, the planet and the Web of All Life. A new bottom line of love aimed at restorative justice, collective healing, and fierce liberation.  And it’s the HIVE that will nourish us back to wholeness.

Reconnection to the Divine Feminine is the BEE medicine that is most greatly needed in our world right now. I believe that it is this sacred reconnection that will bring an end to the rampant violence in our world, both overt and covert, and restore us to our dignity and humanity. Reconnection to our truth, our planetary family, our sacred purpose, our power, our sovereignty, our sisters and our great sentient Mother Earth. And most of all, a reconnection to what deeply nourishes us and ALL OF LIFE.

That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to join us inside SISTERHIVE: a holy container of ancient soul remembrance, a cosmic vortex of authentic power and pure presence, a sacred sanctuary where you will be able to ...

Embrace and nourish your wildly radiant, powerful, magical, courageous & sacred self. Be in the consistent inquiry of “what does it mean for me to be fully nourished?” and take action towards filling your chalice first each day. Then ask "How can all beings be nourished?"

Walk in your awakened Divinity in the world, in a healthy, whole, sensual, beautiful, meaningful and nourished way. Receive continued sustenance for holistic thriving and deep soul care instead of just basic self-care.

Tend to the body as a living temple and purify your sacred vessel for what wants to be birthed through you. Learn to fully channel your cosmic and Divine light & unique #SOULSPARKLE. Claim your body and connection to the Web of All Life as a fierce portal to your power.
STAY CLOSE TO WHAT IS MOST SACRED by weaving ritual, ceremony & ancient wisdom into all aspects of your life. Journey into the Great Mystery and live your life as prayer steeped in the sacred like the bees, with constant generosity, compassion, and communion.
Experience the power of the sacred circle by gathering in sisterhood, experiencing the cycles of life-death-rebirth, and observing the seasons through the wheel of the year. Connect back to the land & our Original Mother. Honor your roots, deepen with your ancestors, & commune with the spirits of the land to help you ROOT to RISE.
Deepen your connection with the Divine & Sacred Feminine, while honoring and integrating the deep feminine mysteries that have been suppressed for centuries. Tap into your innate rhythms & cycles, Moon wisdom, blood rites and more. Fundamentally alter how you perceive your body, innate power & presence here on earth at this most powerful time.
Learn intentional practices to help you SLOW DOWN, live a soulful life of consequence, cultivate mindfulness, and savor life! Boost your mental, emotional, physical, energetic & spiritual wellness so that you can show up fully aligned with the heart of what matters most.

Refocus on your body’s miraculous capacity to give birth to new life, in order to awaken to your full cosmic life force, orgasmic energies, and creative capacities. Move towards what makes you come alive each day.

Feel comfortable in your own skin and unleash your authentic soul essence. Live into your full (r)evolutionary potential and Sparkle Shamelessly® as an embodied leader in the world for the good of all.
Reclaim your authentic power & SOVEREIGNTY from a deeply embodied and wholly nourished place. Become whole unto yourself, wild, wise, reverent and free. Call all parts of yourself back home for integration. Come home to the truth of you - a radiant queen ready to claim her throne as a great healing for all.
Unhook from mass consciousness and become a steward of the new earth, recreating the world anew and collectively contributing to making the world a better place for everyone in it. Ignite the fierce feminine flame of love in your heart and learn to maintain a sustainable burn.
Become a warrior of the undefended heart, serving as a chalice of love in the world and a protector of the cosmic order. Be in the vibration of love & devotion like the bees, sharing your own deep medicine and gifts with those who need them most.

“Lainie Love is a sorceress for your soul, bringing deep nourishment through movement, artistic expression, and mostly her powerful spiritual presence. I always come away with deep insights and feeling truly seen and held. I highly recommend her offering."

-Elana Bell, award-winning poet ​​​​​​​& sound healer

“Lainie Love is a potent source of love, wisdom & support – a fearless warrior of  life and creativity.”

- Martha Williams, award-winning film maker
Lainie Love makes me feel alive, connected, and sparkly! I am in awe of her fierce feminine leadership in art, spirit, movement and community. She holds a divine space for manifestation in which I flourish creatively.
-Sherry Paris, Author & Diversity Trainer
Lainie Love has been an angel, a sister, and a mentor that ignites love, power, faith and compassion within me. She is a messenger, a star being, a powerful warrior that stands fiercely for all people to find, practice and be IN their divine medicine, purpose and pleasure in the world. ​​​​​​​
-Vanessa Viglietta, Global Event Doula
Lainie Love is a vivacious creature, she makes everyone who is lucky to know her more free, more passionate and more honest. I adore her bright spirit and generous heart.
-Laura Sing, writer & human rights lawyer
“Lainie Love Dalby brings a complete package to the table, one crafted and cultivated from years of careful inquiry and deep authenticity. She holds keys to unlocking the best in every individual and offers them with sincerity and compassion. Lainie shows she has more than just her finger on the pulse of the vanguard, she is the heartbeat itself.”
S.L. Interfaith Minister & Healer
She pulls from your most abstract places and cultivates a sense of knowing deep within >>> to the core of your being. She offers wisdom from experience, immersive study & practice in sacred ritual and deeply connected spirit. She was truly a midwife to my creativity, my risk taker, my deep belief In knowing that I actually matter on a profound level.
- J.L.
Why You'll Want to Join Us
​​​​​​Nourishment isn’t just about food, it’s about overall sustenance for holistic thriving. Based on the bees' overarching values of Love, Harmony and Balance, think of this as a collaborative experiment in nourishing our bodies, each other and our world. Because what you eat, what you drink, what you think, who you surround yourself with, and what you put into your body matters—physically, energetically, and otherwise. Where we put our life force energy matters. We are doing business, life and relationships in a whole new way. We are drinking the nectar and sweetness of the Divine, focusing on that which is generative, sustainable, fertile, alive and in the spirit of abundance FOR ALL. 
​​​​​Fierce Sisterhood & holding is a non-negotiable in these chaotic times we’re in. We are restoring intimacy, vulnerability, and sacred circling with a deep investment in being an intersectional, intergenerational, multicultural & multiracial sacred space. We are reawakening, remembering and coming home to our interconnectedness. We are calling forward our nobility of Spirit and holding each other accountable to that. We are collectively building an earth-based global sisterhood & SUPERORGANISM like the beehive. We are helping to restore the Sacred Feminine as the Queen Bee here on Earth and steward the return of ancient women’s wisdom. 
Together we are tapping into the magnitude and magnificence of the human spirit to ignite a soul-led Sacred (R)evolution® of love & reverence for self, other, the planet and the Great Web of All Life with the medicine of reconnection. We are returning home to the land, our bodies, the body of humanity and the Eternal Beloved that we are. Overall, we are sparking a movement of sacred (r)evolutionaries, artists & rebels taking action towards massive personal & social change across the globe to help alchemize all of its crumbling outdated structures, systems and paradigms as well as the oppressions that have been keeping us from our potential.
We are not hungry for what we're not getting; we are hungry for what we're not giving. We are serving LIFE as radical sacred servants. The bees are a manifestation of Divine love on the earth plane. Let us be the same. We are living, breathing chalices of love in the world, overflowing with the unconditional, radiant, never-ending Divine nectar of love from our he(art)s. We live in complete devotion to the Divine, our deepest truths, #SOULSPARKLE, sacred work and why we’ve come. We are in service to the Original Mother just as the bees are. We are creating our lives as great masterpieces for the good of all with rigorous integrity as conduits of Fierce Love & Liberation.
We are a beloved learning & practice community encouraging full soul expression, moral courage, planetary healing, & collective spiritual awakening. We are bringing our gifts into being for the greater good in shared leadership. We’re moving from me to we, illuminating all the voices & medicine within this sacred HIVE. Together we create a magical forcefield, just as propolis acts as a force field for the bees. They seal the sacredness inside the hive for protection. Here we do the same. We are the rebel midwives of love and a new earth here to serve as intricate mirrors for each other’s greatness and brilliant light. We are putting our heart force, life force, visioning/dreaming force, & creation force together towards healing and lifting up the world.
We are re-creating the world anew just like the bees do each day, enlivening the ether. We are dreaming a kinder, braver, more beautiful world into being for the next 7 generations within our HIVE = WOMB containing the pure energy of love. We are birthing, co-creating and sustaining NEW LIFE. We are cultivating the creative LIFE FORCE, enhancing our generative capacities, and expanding our cosmic creativity. We are reclaiming our profound ability to create and give birth to new life, new conditions, & new dreams. We are activating the codes of Light of fierce feminine power and sovereignty, of embodied leadership, and of personal and planetary healing. We are creating a potent vortex of power in our gathering while holding fierce presence & intentions.
We are walking stardust and we hold different PRISMS of the Galaxy. We create a powerful matrix of light points across the globe as we gather, creating a brilliant energetic constellation of us shining brightly in the world - a star nation here on earth - like the beehive cluster & bee flights that connect a web of white light over the planet. We are coming out of hiding and SPARKLING SHAMELESSLY for the greater good, allowing our spiritual magnificence and the raw truth of who we are to come forth. We are LIT up, TURNED on, & BLAZING true. Most of all, we take a stand for deep nourishment and flourishing for all. We are Light-filled Beings moving towards living fully ALIVE and deeply engaged from a wild, full and open heart. We are cosmic servants devoted to Divine Light & LOVE.
We are creating a culture of women re-membered, standing in their Divinity, their full power and sovereignty, moving towards their (r)evolutionary potential as embodied leaders empowering others. Women standing in ancient recognition. Women who have come home to their true essence. Women connected to the vast ancient memory of all who have come before and all who will come after. Healed, whole women who remember who they are and why they’re here at this most powerful time in human history. Women speaking their truth, following their he(art)s, and taking a stand for what matters most, showing up to serve those who need them most. Women being UNAPOLOGETICALLY who they are in the world without fear of burning or withholding.
Fierce & sacred sisterhood is a non-negotiable now & essential to this reconnection. 

Let’s co-create a new world TOGETHER.

Let’s RISE TOGETHER as embodied & deeply nourished women leaders.
Let’s step into our full (r)evolutionary potential TOGETHER.
Get the support, remembrance, mirroring and reflective listening you need to THRIVE.​​​​​​
We need your brilliance now more than ever!

Come join our constellation of star beings & siSTARS sparkling SHAMELESSLY together to help heal the world and flood the house of humanity with light!

​​​​​​​Come, Beloved, we’re waiting with open arms and unconditional love for you in the HIVE to help you shine your full light and aliveness in the world. The circle won’t be the same without your heart, focus, and devotion!

“We desperately need a new and gentle light where the soul can shelter and reveal its ancient belonging.” - John O’Donohue, Anam Cara
Embodied Leadership Mentor, Trailblazer of Women's Spirituality & Empowerment & (R)evolutionary Muse

Lainie Love Dalby is an embodied leadership mentor, trailblazer of women’s spirituality and empowerment, holy ceremonialist, transformational speaker and retreat facilitator, published author, visionary shamanic healing artist, deep wisdom walker and blazing brave He(art) Warrior. She’s on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed and devalued to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power. As a spiritual thought leader with her own brand of multimedia ministry, she is using daring style, deep substance and Divine #SOULSPARKLE to dismantle old systems, ideas, and ways of being that promote separateness and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential. She is also deeply passionate about ending the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent divinity within and helping to bring the Sacred Feminine back into balance in our own lives and the world - in a great return to love & reverence for self, other, our planet and the great Web of All Life.

To this end, she is the founder of SISTERHIVE® and the Sacred (R)evolution® where she gathers women and the LGBTQIA community in both live & virtual sacred circles to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation through her global community and signature immersion experiences like Ignite the Fierce Feminine Within, Sovereign Sisters Rising Initiation into the Fierce & Sacred Feminine, international retreats, and other sisterhood initiatives. Like a modern-day medicine woman, her ultimate goal is to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and remember who we truly are and why we’re here at this most powerful time in human history by unleashing our bold creativity, innate wildness & fierce feminine courage. She believes that TOGETHER we can co-create our lives as a great Masterpiece for the good of all and dream a new world into being. Embark on the journey with her at http://www.lainielovedalby.com/ and on Instagram @LainieLoveDalby

Read more about what her clients have to say here.

Join our cosmic, sacred space increasing our capacity to love & inviting our wholeness to emerge

Have questions? Join us for a LIVE Q&A and "Expanding Our Life Force" Ceremony on February 1st at 2pm EST. Sign up HERE or Join our SISTERHIVE® today for $38/month.

Common Q&A's
We want you to feel confident & deeply nourished in your YES to join us in the HIVE. Below you'll find answers to some common questions!


How do I use the Zoom platform for our gatherings?
Zoom is a powerful platform that’s easy to set up and use. It allows us to connect from all over the globe and to see each other simultaneously on screen in a grid of videos (Brady Bunch style) so that it feels like we are gathering live in sacred circle. I am eternally grateful for this modality and opportunity for us to connect as a global sisterhood. Check out this LINK for setup instructions if it’s your first time using the platform.

What is the monthly curriculum?

The monthly curriculum is based around the 13 pillar map of the Sacred (R)evolution® to help restore love and reverence for self, other, our planet and the Web of All Life, developed by Lainie Love from the wisdom of her ancient ancestors. Each New Moon we’ll delve into one of the pillars and do deepening practices there for soul nourishment.

How is the content delivered?

The content will be delivered via email before the New Moon and the Full Moon each month. It will also be housed on a private website portal that you can access via a password and posted in our virtual online sanctuary space.  The Masterclasses will be delivered on the Full Moon to help space out the content over the month so you have lots of time to digest and integrate the materials and practices.

What if I’m new to the spiritual path or I’ve been on it already for years?

This is a space where you can fully come as you are, novices and veterans alike. Regardless of where you are on the journey, the truth is that we are stronger together, amplifying our energy and social impact through mutual support. Additionally, the more intergenerational, interracial and multicultural we are, the stronger the sacred container is.

What are the dates & times for the Live New Moon gatherings?

We’ll normally gather either directly on the New Moon, for its full power and magnetism, or within the 3 days before or after. All gatherings are from 2pm to 4 EST unless otherwise noted beforehand. The dates for the New Moon gatherings in 2019 are: January 7th, February 4th, March 6th, April 5th, May 1st, June 3rd, July 3rd, August 2nd, August 30th, September 27th, October 29th, November 26th, and December 27th. NOTE: Dates are subject to change.


What if I don’t resonate with SISTERHIVE® once I’m inside?
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We would be sad to see you go, sister, but this is a monthly membership subscription that you can cancel at any time. All you need to do is send an email to the team about why SISTERHIVE® is no longer serving you and they can take care of you. ​​​​​​​


Who is SISTERHIVE® for?
​​​​​​​SISTERHIVE® is for women identified individuals who want to be deeply nourished and express their full soul essence in the world for the greater good. Women who are ready for a homecoming, to their bodies, the earth and the heart of what matters most. Women who yearn for a more sacred, meaningful and reverent interaction with all of life. Women who are ready to stand in their full power & sovereignty as embodied leaders but desire support and fierce holding to do so. Women who want to help co-create and birth a new world.

Take the power you gave away growing up to nurture and give yourself permission to be, do and become all that you are!”
​​​​​​​~ Ariel Spillsbury, The Mayan Oracle
Have more questions?
Join us for a LIVE Q&A & "Expanding Our Life Force" Ceremony to celebrate Imbolc on February 1st at 2pm EST. Enter your info above to get access to the details!

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